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DJ WILDPARTY - Homie(For Me) 1,SPDILL - Empty Hours 2,降神 - 帰り道 3,Simi Lab - Moonbeam 4,5lack & Olive Oil - 鼓動 5,Art Of Vibes - Late Night Show 6,Lunch Time Speaks - 情景1 7,AKLO - Lights And Shadows 8,EVISBEATS feat.田我流 - ゆれる 9,サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野 - Start Line 10,STERUSS - One Birth 11,Wise - Open The Window 12,Mic Jack Production - -SAPPORO CITY SURE SHOT- 13,Kaigen21Meiso - 源知人 - Original Gaian 14,INDEN - 黒い月の裏側 15,BOSS THE MC meets CALM - CREATOR'S DELIGHT total 46:34

The origin of what we call Garage music today opened in the late 70’s & 80’s PG was initialy an actual Parking Garage turned into a LGBT club in New York city where legendary iconic DJ Larry Levan used to play an eclectic blend of soulful music.

In 2005, DJ Muggs teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan 's GZA for the album Grandmasters , the first project released on his label Angeles Records . Patterned after a chess game, it received positive reviews; [8] Muggs also announced a Soul Assassins III album, produced jointly by himself and Alchemist, reportedly to be preceded by a record called Cloak & Dagger , also featuring Alchemist. [9] Instead, Muggs produced an album for Psycho Realm member Sick Jacken, Legend of the Mask and the Assassin two years later, in 2007. In 2008, Muggs announced that his album with California rapper Planet Asia would be the third Soul Assassins album, [10] but the two released Pain Language later that year as a simple collaboration.

DJ Wild - Bass Me EPDJ Wild - Bass Me EPDJ Wild - Bass Me EPDJ Wild - Bass Me EP